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It has been forever since I have posted any new images here.  The past three months have been incredibly busy.  I have a backlog to process and anything new I have shot goes into that backlog.

What I have decided to post today goes back the Europe trip in June and specifically our day spent in Venice.  "Only a single day?" You ask?  Yeah only a day.  Sometimes when we travel we try to string to many destinations in a row and that leaves us with what amounts to little more than a drive by or pass through for places that deserve better.  Venice is once such place.

With the stop only being the better part of one day, there was not really time to settle in and do a good job capturing the essence of the grand old city of the Adriatic.  One day I hope we can fix this slight and spend a little longer. 

Venice, amongst other things, is famous for its canals and Gondolas.  Here's a couple images that hopefully give you a bit of the flavor...