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Images of 2013

2013 was an unexpected year for my photography.  It started out in good form with a productive beginning on my Picture of the Week Project, 2013 edition.  May saw a very nice upgrade in gear with the expectation of a very fruitful trip to mountainous Europe in June. 

The trip was more hurried than anticipated with equally unexpected conditions at many stops.  Afterwards, a career transition from Marketing Research Executive to U - Pick Pumpkin Farm and Orchard owner and adjunct university faculty left me in a scramble to find a balance that included ample camera time.

But with all that said, 2013 was a year of enlightenment for my work.  Often in the past I would be hiking down some scenic trail with a spectacular vista to one side or the other and instead of putting the widest lens on my camera, I found myself with a short telephoto mounted, staring at a fern or mushroom on the ground below me.  Retrospectively that tendency puzzled me.

Similarly when viewing the works of others, high …