Favorite Friday - Zion National Park

Turns out I didn't start taking pictures this past Tuesday.  In fact I have been capturing images for a long time and with some level of adeptness since a course I took back in high school. 

I have been thinking of a way to weave in these images from the past into the blog narrative of today.  Hence the idea of Favorite Friday is born.

In October of 2011we took my parents in law on vacation with us on the Canyon tour of Utah and Arizona.  Along the way we stopped at Kollob, Bryce, Zion and Grand Canyons.  We spent a couple days in Zion, including on one day a hike to the Emerald Pools. 

The Emerald pools are small ponds up the side of the canyon walls that are filled with water tinged by a greenish algae that gives them their names.  As the trail leads you too the pools, you pass by the other outlets for the source that creates the pools, namely water emanating from deep within the rock.
The pools themselves were somewhat over run with other people which somewhat diminished their serene effect. 

But all along the trail to the pools, as the canyon walls weeped with water from a deeper source, serene isolation was had.  The walls and the water were cooling and soothing both from the heat of the canyon floor and from the frantic nature of my day to day life. 

Sometimes I shoot images not "of things" but rather to capture the mood and the feeling of the time and place.  These photos often lack a distinct subject but that is by design.  The subject is the viewer himself and if the image is effective, he or she can feel the mood and the feeling I felt in the space and moment I took the picture.

I don't know if you will feel what I felt that afternoon, but every time I look at the prints of these images on my wall, I am reminded that there is a deeper source that weeps with us in our times of trial and refreshes and reinvigorates us along the way...