Abstract Leftovers...

Today's post contains a couple of abstract images from the visit to the BMW Welt and Museum. 

The first image is of from the BMW Welt which is essentially a large marketing platform for the brand.  Built in the late '90's, it contains displays of current cars, futuristic prototypes of cars soon to be on the horizon and brand stores for both BMW and Mini.  The building is a bold abstract statement in and of itself, who's most striking exterior feature is a large double helix column that as a third planar point, supports the roof independently of the rest of the building.

Inside the building is a whole lot of space and a whole lot of geometrically shaped fabric panels and composite sheets that transform what might otherwise be a very large warehouse space.

The Image is that of the side of a spiraling walkway that leads to the second floor.  I like the tonal changes the curved composite sheets captured from the available lighting as contrasted with the odd geometrical shape.

The next two images are from the BMW museum across the street.  It was originally built in 1972, it has been recently updated and it's boldly futuristic, yet simple design almost overwhelms the vehicles it contains. Light emanates from all sorts of odd angles and places within the museum which takes the visitor through dramatic tonal changes from tableau to tableau. 

The first image is from the waiting area within the entry way to the museum. 

The second image is from one of the narrow sanitary hallways that cleanses the senses for the observer as they transition from one space to another.