Images of 2017

I was reviewing my twitter feed a few weeks ago and I saw the annual call go out from Jim Goldstein for his annual "Best Photos from 20XX" blog post.  It led me to wonder what my year in photography was like.  The more I reflected and reviewed, the more I realized it was a pretty good year.  I have also come to realize that 2016 was pretty good as well, but I'll post on that in a couple weeks.

It inspired me to collect a gallery on Smugmug and dust off the password to this blog.  Frankly it inspired me to begin posting here again.  I soon realized my gallery was a bit too large so I began to pare it down.  I decided if the image belonged to a larger "Project" I had started by 2013 when I last did a best of, I would leave those images out of this year's collection.  So this means I didn't include anything from my Stone Faces project, though I plan to post on its progress in a few weeks.  Likewise any picture that was to be paired or set in presentation with a complementing image shot in a previous year would be left off this year's list as well.

Where does this leave me?  It leaves me with a helping of minimalism and abstraction.  It also found some room for the portraiture skills I have been seeking to develop.  Throw in a hint of architecture and street and the gallery is complete.  As you watch the gallery scroll below, I hope you enjoy!!