I Remembered the Password!

Sounds like a small thing, but given how long it has been since I have commented on any of my work via this forum, it's a minor miracle.  My time away has not meant that I haven't been shooting, exploring different gear, shooting new genres or that my skills haven't developed.  All of this has been occurring and I hope that returning to contributing this page will help demonstrate that. 

Life has been eventful over the past 4 years.  A career transition, a loss of a parent and a search for a new stability has kept me away from here.  As I return, what I hope to do here is less create a new obligation for myself, but provide a forum to comment on what I have worked on, what I am working on and what I plan to work on.  How have the projects I started years ago progressed?  Have I changed how I shoot, travel or both? 

I plan to write the words about what I have shot here and pull in slideshow galleries from my SmugMug account.  I plan to post perhaps monthly as I have something to say about a group of images or a larger shoot.  This wont be a daily photoblog.  If you would like a more timely feed of my work, I post more frequently on my 500px account - username JPSquared.  If you want to follow my daily musings, @JPIndyCar on twitter.