Images of 2016

Week 2 - A Sunset

YES, it is a bit odd to be doing a best of two years after the fact, but as I was working on the 2017 best of, I realized 2016 was a formative year for me.  So I put together a gallery of images from that year to post here.  It is a bit longer than I would otherwise do, but a few extra images let me visually tell a little more about some of the shoots I did.

2016 was notable in that it was when I started dabbling with live human subject matter.  This interest grew out of The Stone Faces project I started back in 2013.  I wanted to see if the composition style/skills I had developed working with cemetery statuary applied in a useful way to human subjects.  Among these, I have a trio of images I shot as Engagement pictures for my nephew and his bride to be.

Behind a window of symbollic (but not actual) sadness is a friend of mine, Samantha.  Sam played a role in my returning to a more regular shooting schedule.  Some people do yearly challenges to reignite the spark when they are in an uninspired rut.  These never quite did it for me.  What worked better for me was pursuing a scavenger hunt of items in a list I didn't create for myself.  Sam picked 5 items every couple of weeks and I did my best to come up with a creative way to fulfill the challenge.  Initially the items were tangible things, they eventually grew to abstractions and then onto feelings or emotions.  If you are feeling in a rut - find a friend and have them do a list for you, it may pull your Photography in a new direction.

Spring of 2016 featured a trip out to canyon country in Arizona and Utah.  Still not convinced I have taken the best pictures in these locales that I will ever take, (or had taken previously) but it was an enjoyable trip nonetheless. 

I also included three images from an Indiana Landmark.  The Lincoln Financial Building in Ft Wayne stood as the tallest building in Indiana for nearly 40 years.  It is a beautiful example of Art Deco architecture.  Logically you might have expected the tallest building in the state would have been found in Indianapolis, but local ordinances forbid building taller than the Soldiers and Sailors monument in the center of the city.  This ordinance went by the wayside in 1962 when the City built a new 28 story city hall building and had to alter their own ordinance in order to do so.  The current ordinance states that a building cannot cast a midday shadow on the Soldiers and Sailors monument.

There's a little of this and that as well.  I hope you enjoy.

I have a handful of posts planned out weekly for the next month or so, so be sure to stop by and check them out.