April Snow

I had been planning to roll out another gallery from my spring break trip this week, but then I am in the middle of the images where I have to clean a million dust spots from otherwise blue skies.  It's taking me a while.  😒  But then lesson learned.

The other reason I am not running with that is that on yesterday, April 2, it showed.  4 inches worth.  Doesn't normally do that so late here.  It snowed big flakes at night and wasn't followed up by winds of any sort.  Waking up on Monday morning it was beautiful, every free standing object frocked in a 2" blanket of snow.

So of course I wanted to grab the bag and immerse myself in the winter wonderland, but alas the day job called.  Not only that but the classes I teach had an important quiz that day.  So I did what I could as I walked across campus from the parking lot to my office. (remembering a post from this blog earlier this year) I used my cell phone camera to capture the beauty of the moment.  By the time my classes were done at 2, it had all melted.  This afternoon?  60 degrees and severe thunderstorm warnings.  Tomorrow morning?  Snow showers again.

Anyway, here are the cell phone shots processed in Aviary - I hope you like!